Do you have an audience of:

  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Authors, Speakers, Internet Marketers, or other Business Owners?
  • Women With Ongoing Fear, Worry, Anxiety, or Overwhelm?
  • Individuals Who Want to Learn a Powerful, Proven Energy Healing Method?

Hi, I'm Abby Rohrer. I'm an Internationally-Known Anxiety Expert, Master Healer, and Certified Big Money Business Coach, and Personal Success Coach. I have a number of popular programs including:

  • Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety - $297: Four-hour immersion group session teaches entrepreneurs and professional salespeople, a proven process to release sales anxiety. 
  • Sales & Money Breakthroughs - $2697: Twelve-month, rolling-enrollment, group healing program where Abby clears Sales Anxiety and Sales Blocks, Money Karma, Hidden Money Blocks, lifts money ceilings, and provides fee alignment and Business Success Coaching.
  • Anxiety Healing Mastery - $797 - $1297: Seven-week group program that teaches women my proven energy healing system to release trapped anxiety energy from the nervous system. This allows women to stop managing anxiety and limiting themselves and fully go for the life/business of their dreams with ease and confidence. 
  • Advanced Healing Mastery - $4997 - $ 6497: Twelve-month, rolling-enrollment, group program to learn Abby 's powerful, proven energy healing method. This program is perfect for healers and practitioners wanting to learn Abby's method for use with their clients, and students who want to learn Abby's Level Two Energy Healing, and have completed one of Abby's Level One energy healing programs.  
  • Clear Your Money Karma for Business Owners - $3497: (Limited to 12 participants) Six-month group program where Abby clears Money Karma, Hidden Money Blocks, lifts money ceilings, and provides fee alignment and true purpose alignment and Big Money Business Coaching. Multiple participants of this program have brought in $20K-$60K+. 
  • Karma Healing Mastery - $897-$1297: Eight-week group program teaches individuals to clear their own karma. It is one of the most powerful clearing methods available today because it fully resolves soul-level fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, grief, beliefs, blocks, traumas and more that bleed into every day life and limit prosperity, happiness, success, confidence, connection, and love. 
  • Miracle Mastery Blueprint - $2697: Six-month guided journey to create a BIG transformational-miracle and any life area, including income, career, love, freeing oneself from a huge problem such as an addiction, compulsion or chronic emotional issue suck as chronic anxiety, etc. 

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  • Commissions: Your commissions are 30% on each program. We also have monthly pay plans for some programs. We pay commissions at the end of the following month that we receive payment from your referrals. If you would like to join one of my programs, I also offer an option to reinvest your 30% commission into the program of your choice and earn an additional 5%.
  • Promo Materials: Our promo materials are very effective - feel free to rewrite them in your own "voice". 

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