"Yes, Abby, I'm Ready To Eliminate My Soul-Level Anxiety, Once And For All!"

I Understand That By Going Through This Powerful Program I Will Walk Away With The Rare Ability To Eliminate My Soul-Level Anxiety, PLUS...

  • ​Unleash my soul's natural state of peace so that my most stress-free day to date becomes my new normal for every day!
  • Uncover and remove any fears, limiting beliefs, or energy blocks sabotaging my ability to be happy and relaxed in every moment...
  • Effortlessly melt away feelings of “unworthiness”, “I’m not good enough”, and other peace-repelling blocks.
  • Have the tools that I can use on myself to gain control of my life and have the ultimate advantage in every circumstance going forward.
  • Remove negative karma from my life so my past can no longer hold me back or control my future happiness or success.

Katia Nadeau, Canada

"I used your Karma Healing Mastery method and won a $90K sale for the most challenging piece of equipment we have and got the purchase order today!

"I had to sell an additional new component that is coming out next year only and increase the price of the quote to take it into account now. My manager thought I wouldn't be able to get more money and tried to talk me out of doing it, but not only was I super comfortable asking for more money now, but that tactic is what sealed the deal and got me the order! I won against a huge competitor who never lets us win!"

Lynn Banis, PhD, MCC, BCC

Discovery Point Coaching

"I have completely rid myself of a shopping compulsion that was doing damage to my credit cards and primary relationship!

"I have learned so much in your Karma Healing Mastery course and the results have been amazing. I am now able to clear a lot of "junk" that has been holding me back from being my best. Your impact has been so freeing - I can hardly wait for your next offering!"

Karma Healing Mastery is an 8 week, live online training program that includes:

Module One: 5 Critical Karma Clearing Secrets

In this module, you will discover...

  • Little-known practical insights about your own soul-level karma that will save you years of staying stuck in the same anxiety-ridden money, relationship, health, and other life challenges.
  • How to align with the truth and release yourself from having to figure everything out on your own.
  • Exactly why commonly taught anxiety-control tools haven't worked for you.
  • How to "immunize" yourself against your fear of attracting bad things and negative experiences and completely free yourself from negative life experiences you are already having.
  • And much more...

Module Two: Pinpoint the Root Causes of Your Karma

In this module, you will receive and discover...

  • Energetic attunement and direction to unlock Universal Truth whenever you need or want it so you can feel supported in any moment. 
  • Six simple ways to find the root-causes of your karma-created anxiety so you'll know exactly what to heal. This is so simple that even a young child can do it successfully.
  • The best times and circumstances to do this and when not to use it. 
  • And much more...

Module Three: Fine Tune Your Karma Healing Super Powers

In this module, you will receive and discover...

  • Energy healing from me to prepare you to heal your own karma.
  • Group clearing from me to remove resistance you may have to easily and skillfully use the energy tools you’ll be learning.
  • Your most aligned and natural way to find your root karma causes.
  • And much more...

Module Four: The "Fill-In-The-Blank" Method

In this module, you will receive and discover...

  • My 3 "Karma Healing Formulas" to find and clear your secret "soul-level anxiety bleedthrough" that causes the majority of your fears and challenges.
  • ​How to use these simple formulas and their variations to heal your past hurts, and to free your future from worry going forward.
  • How to use them to bring yourself to total peace from nearly any life challenge or circumstance, even those that happened decades ago or that you have no memory of.
  • And much more...

Module Five: Karma Healing Mastery

In this module, you will review and discover...

  • All you have learned and gained as a result of your new-found self-healing abilities.
  • How much happier, more peaceful and empowered you feel as a result of learning and using your own new-found healing ability. 
  • How you can take your new-found Karma Healing Mastery skills to an even higher level!
  • And much more...

Total Value: $20,000

THREE Karma Healing Mastery Group Healing Calls

During these powerful sessions, you will…

  • Practice your karma anxiety-healing techniques on yourself.
  • Experience deep transformational healing as I walk you through the anxiety clearing process with the whole group.
  • An opportunity to work with me live on the call around your biggest anxiety challenge that you are facing right now.

Total Value: $5,000

You Will Also Get These Special Bonuses

  • ONE - Personal “Karma Anxiety Healing” Session with Abby (Value : $700) 

Work with Abby to clear away the biggest issue keeping you in fear around money, relationship, or another stressful challenge in your life right now.

  • Lifetime Access To The Private “Karma Healing Mastery” Facebook Community (Value: $500)

Endless access to the private Karma Healing Mastery Facebook Community where you will be immersed in a like-minded community of self-healers so you can ask questions, share your wins and discoveries, and get on-going support as you move even further into mastering your Karma Healing process.

  • Karma Healing Mastery Practice App (Value: $500)

Online access to my quick, easy to use Karma Healing App so that you can immediately begin to use your healing practice anywhere, anytime!

Here's an example: In a meeting or at the supermarket, you suddenly begin to feel anxious or triggered. Pull out your phone. A few clicks and you silently apply the healings you need to bring you to instant peace and resolution!

Total Program Value: $26,700
Regular Price: $1297 Your Investment Today Is Just $997



You're backed by my "90 Day Karma Healing Mastery Guarantee".  Come to all of the calls, follow my methods, strategies and instructions.  Complete the full program and practice my method for 30 days after. Within 90 days, if you feel that you haven't benefited – I’ll give you back every penny. 



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