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Clear Your Sales Anxiety

Eliminate the Deep Unconscious Blocks That Prevent You From Making More Money

What if you could defeat the gripping fear that stops you from getting clients, so you could actually enjoy selling?

What if selling became "almost too easy" for you? (This is a direct quote from one of my clients. She told me that selling for her is now literally, "almost too easy"!)

​Just imagine...

  • Picking up the phone to invite a few people into sales conversations with you and feeling truly excited?
  • Feeling absolutely confident that you offer excellent value for the price when you discuss your fee?
  • Following up with a prospect who had to "check with her husband or business partner" before signing up with you, and feeling completely at ease?

Are you a woman entrepreneur, influencer, or coach gripped by persistent gut-wrenching fear or panic when it comes time to sell?

Sales anxiety is no joke.

Does a low-level dread stop you from marketing or actually selling your services?

Do you "white-knuckle-it" through networking opportunities, sales conversations, fee discussions, facing objections, or asking for the sale?

Is your fear actually increasing as you practice your sales skills, rather than declining?

Or do you avoid selling altogether? 

 Nancy Walsch 

 Igniting Your Gifts


...the fears are gone, and I now feel confident to move forward in my business and life!

Do you have amazing gifts and a huge desire to share your work with the world but you... 

  • ​Repeatedly procrastinate or avoid reaching out to prospects?
  • Lie in bed worrying about what you're going to say, the night before a sales call?
  • Feel like you can't breathe when talking to a prospect?
  • Want to give tons of value to clients but don't want to sell?
  • Feel tremendously anxious just thinking about selling?
  • Worry about coming off as "too-pushy"?
  • "Choke" when it comes to discussing your fee?
  • Give away your work for free because of your discomfort?
  • Set an appropriate price for your services but feel so fearful in the moment that you lower your price?
  • Back-off from making any offer at all (and decide "they just can't afford it") if a prospect happens to mention any financial challenge?
  • Worry that what you have to offer isn't worth that much or that people won't pay for it?
  • Are afraid to ask for the sale?
  • Wish someone else would do the selling for you?
  • Draw a mental blank in the face of your prospect's objections?
  • Worry that when the time comes you won't be able to deliver on your promise?
  • Feel like making more money is just too hard or too much responsibility?

Hi, I’m Abby Rohrer.

I'm a Sales Anxiety Master Healer, Master Money & Success Karma Healer, and Certified Big Money Business Coach.

I am not a sales technique, confidence, or "tapping" coach. I offer something far more unusual and effective.

I help entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches to get out of their own way so they can bring their best work to the world and be richly rewarded for it. I help to shift them into 6 and 7 figure incomes.

One of the ways in which I do this is to help them break through their sales anxiety so they can be excited about selling, increase their confidence and have more business success. 

I've spent more than 23 years perfecting my sales anxiety, money and success clearing work.

There are a boatload of misconceptions about why some people have an easy time selling and others do not.

Did you know that 90% of sales success comes from feeling at ease with yourself?

It's true. But when confronted with sales anxiety, most people force themselves to practice harder or to get more sales techniques training.

Knowing how to sell is important and there are some great sales techniques programs available. Of course, getting more practice is usually a good thing. These are practical present-day, top level solutions that work well for many people who don't struggle with sales anxiety.

But, if you do have sales anxiety, beyond a certain point, top-level solutions, such as sales scripts, objections training, and even confidence coaching, that work for others will begin to undermine your ability to sell and can make your sales anxiety worsen.

What if you could put the gripping fear behind you for good so you could experience calm, confident selling? Imagine . . . no more stumbling over your words or not being able to take a breath. Instead, experience calm, confident selling, enjoyably leading to more money, and higher levels of impact and success.

 Kristin Maxwell



The day after Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety, "out of the blue," I was finally inspired to write an email series to my list about my new program -- whereas before I had  been procrastinating and tearing up version after version because it just wasn't good. This time, the words just flew out of me, and I knew they were good. With my very first email, i signed up over 10 people.

Before the program, I had stopped taking any action to market my business. I knew I needed to get out there and let people know about my programs, but I couldn't get myself to DO anything online, not send emails nor engage on Facebook. I was stuck .... for months.

Abby's process was exactly what I needed to get into action -- and I can't wait to participate in her next one and take DOWN another sales fear!

 Katia Nadeau 



I used your method and immediately won a $90K sale and that was just the beginning!*

*Katia went on to win her company's 2017 Top Sales Award for all of Canada!

Did you know that women entrepreneurs struggle with sales anxiety 4-5 times more often than male entrepreneurs? 

It's true! One reason for this is because women are natural "givers." But we are also culturally programmed to keep giving and giving without expecting something in return. This is just one of the reasons why so many gifted, amazing women are leaving tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, year after year!  

Some entrepreneurs also carry an additional burden . . . their need or desire to sell actually goes against strong family, religious, or spiritual indoctrination. Over time these out of alignment areas can increase your sales anxiety even more.


a unique Live Online Group Coaching Event that will help you to clear out your sales anxiety in five crucial business areas so you can sell effectively with EASE! 
The Benefits of Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety Formula
    • Your reluctance to have sales conversations will melt away.
    • You’ll have more ease and confidence throughout the sales process.
    • Selling will be far more enjoyable and you'll get more sales
    • Your income, impact and influence will naturally increase.
    • You'll have more success.  
    • Overall, you'll be more relaxed and far less stressed.

Most entrepreneurs are dependent on their own ability to sell their products and services. This is why those with sales anxiety may feel as if achieving success is virtually impossible.

During this event, I will show you how to resolve 2-3 of your sales anxieties. By the end of the program, you will know how to use the process to resolve any additional sales anxieties for yourself.

In This Live, 4-Hour Online Event, In A Simple and Straight-Forward Way, I Will Show You How To Tackle and Topple Your Top Sales Anxiety

Identify Your Biggest Sales Anxiety Triggers That Stand in The Way of Successful Selling.


Resolve  Your Top Sales Anxiety.

Master My 6-Step Formula To Eliminate ALL Anxieties That Get In the Way Of Your Success. 


Gain New Found Confidence in Your Sales Abilities. 


Reinforce Your New Freedom: Take Sales Actions With Ease.

Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety Formula is delivered live, via online video conferencing. You may join by phone but will lose some functionality.
Program participants also receive a replay recording of the event.

The event will be recorded for future use. By enrolling in this program, you agree that Abby Rohrer and Facilitated Recovery, LLC may record your voice and vocal participation at this event, and has the right to use/and or publish these recordings. 

Facilitated Recovery, LLC owns all recordings and transcripts of the event, and may re-purpose, and re-use these recordings indefinitely, and without compensation to you. 

You Will Also Receive Special Bonuses

  • plus
    Bonus LIVE Group Energy Healing Hour (Value: $250) During the last hour of the program you will learn about, and witness or experience energy healing on a sales anxiety pattern. This is an opportunity to work with me live at the event around your biggest sales anxiety challenge that you are facing right now.
  • plus
    Lifetime Access To The Private Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety Formula Private Facebook Community (Value: $500)  Endless access to my private Facebook Community where you can ask questions, share your wins and discoveries, and get on-going support from other members as you move further into freedom from sales anxiety.
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    Additional Special Bonus For the First 10 Registrants! Receive a 30-minute      1-1 call  Post Event Follow-Up call with Abby (Value: $500) On this call Abby will advise you on how to solve your biggest issue keeping you in fear around money or success in your business right now.

 Regina Luffey 

 IT Manager & Business Coach 


Abby helped me generate close to $20,000 ...

“ my Group Coaching business so far this year and for that I am very grateful! Abby helped to heal my fears around money and to relate to money differently."

Isn't It Time For You To Sell With Ease?

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Total Program Value: $8,450
Regular Price: $997
Your Investment is just:$297

Still Not Convinced?

"Maybe I just need to learn a better sales technique...Won't a new script or system help to improve my sales results?" 

Learning a new sales technique is most beneficial for those without sales anxiety.

However, when sales anxiety is the underlying reason for your challenges, learning new sales techniques will not significantly improve your sales. Instead, the faster, more direct solution is to deal with your anxiety first.

Until you can sell without anxiety, learning new techniques won't get you better results. HOW you show up matters more than what you say. Once your sales anxiety has been resolved, you may find out that you don't really need that new technique after all because you'll show up fully confident, at ease and ready to make the sale.

"My selling fears are probably just the normal jitters. Isn't 'sales anxiety' just a fancy term for the average sales fears that many others have conquered by practicing harder?"

For some people, this is true.

For others, practice will not make the fears go away. Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • play
    you've been practicing for months and still dread sales conversations
  • play
    you feel like you need someone with a baseball bat to get you to pick up for the phone or do some networking,
  • play
    before you call someone or enter sales conversations, your heart pounds, your solar plexus seizes, or you feel like you can't breathe.

If you can relate, what's likely going on is some serious sales anxiety. You can continue to put off the actions that will bring you more business -- or you can deal with that fear directly with my expert guidance and support.

For you, practicing more techniques without addressing the underlying issue can actually increase your anxiety.  You see, for those with sales anxiety, no amount of practice, new sales conversation scripts, sales techniques training, or confidence-building programs are likely to work because they are unable to get to the real root of what is driving your anxiety.

"I don't have the time or energy to look at my sales anxiety. Won't focusing on it distract me from my business or drag me down?" 

Let me be frank. It's just the opposite! If you're dealing with sales anxiety, you don't have the time or energy to waste by not looking at it and dealing with it directly.

Thinking that it will go away on its own or ignoring it will handicap your business and your income. Waiting any longer will not help you to conquer the problem or bring in more money. The time to deal with the problem is now.


You're backed by my "30 Day Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety Formula Guarantee."  Do all of the exercises, follow my methods, strategies and instructions.  Complete the full program and practice my method for 30 days after the program ends. At that time, if you feel that you haven't benefited – I’ll give you back every penny. 

P.S. This is NOT a sales technique or confidence training! Those types of "push-through" methods don't actually get to the root cause of your sales anxiety. With this program, you'll discover my unique process to find the core of your sales anxiety and resolve it once and for all so you can finally relax and sell with ease!