I used your "Karma Healing Mastery" method and won a $90K sale for the most challenging piece of equipment we have and got the purchase order today!

"I had to sell an additional new component that is coming out next year only and increase the price of the quote to take it into account now. My manager thought I wouldn't be able to get more money and tried to talk me out of doing it, but not only was I super comfortable asking for more money now, but that tactic is what sealed the deal and got me the order! I won against a huge competitor who never lets us win!"

Katia Nadeau

I manifested a total of $20,900 within hours of my session with Abby!

“In less than 6 hours after our first call, I manifested $900! Twenty four hours after our second call, I met and signed a new coaching client at a conference! Right on the spot credit card processed and full pay for one year of coaching at $20k! Boom.  Thank you Abby!"

Michelle Kopper
The Inspired Voice

Abby helped me generate close to $20,000 ...

“ my Money Attraction Group Coaching business so far this year and for that I am very grateful! I was struggling with bills and Abby helped to heal my fears around money and to relate to money differently."

Regina A. Luffey
IT Manager & Business Coach

I have worked with Abby one on one and she is truly amazing.

"In fact, it was after I signed up to work with her that £7000 came my way in one week - 2 clients signed up for my high end programme by approaching me!"

Jane Duncan Rogers
Coach & Author, "Gifted by Grief"

I woke up to a $2000 payment from a new client! 

“Abby, thank you for the clearings.  I know there are no coincidences.  Love you!"

Kay Richae

We brought in $20K from this single-day event!"

“Abby cleared our fears, concerns and blocks around anything preventing our highest success and even cleared the relationship energy between the two of us.  She cleared the audience receptivity and our ability to deliver the highest value possible to our audience. The event went exceptionally well. Our presentation was seamless and the event was powerful for our attendees.

​"We highly recommend Abby's "Clear Your Money Karma to anyone planning an important launch, business presentation or live event or to help you clear out any money or success blocks in your business going forward."

Alina Vincent & Simone Janssen
Business Success Edge & SALT Leadership

After attending just the first 2 calls I have been bringing in more money into my business, faster and easier than all of last year including the $20K I brought in after our first week together AND... 

My resistance to completing projects, sending out offers, and the like is, like, all gone. Allllll. gone.

"Thank you so much for all the clearing.  I feel it even when I'm not directly on the calls.​

"Instead of feeling overwhelmed and rundown by the thought of creating a promo, I feel energized & enthusiastic.  

"I feel myself becoming lighter, brighter, and more like the shining star my momma always told me I was 😉

"Love you to bits!"
Jennifer Mayers


Words cannot express my gratitude for the time spent working with you these last few months.

"I came to you overwhelmed and beaten down by my compulsive eating and self-destructive behavior. Through your guidance and healing practices, I am now able to better manage my anxiety and exit what felt like never-ending compulsive cycles.

"The techniques I learned while working with you will serve me for years to come. I can't thank you enough!"

Christy Jones

I highly recommend doing Abby's 'Karma Healing Mastery' course if you want the sense of freedom and confidence in yourself that it brings.

"Doing the Karma Healing Mastery course was essential for me. I needed a clear way to make decisions that were in my best interests, and this is one of the major takeaways I got from this course. With practice and Abby's gentle but firm expert guidance, I built up my confidence bit by bit in the innate knowledge my body has about what is best for me and what not. Now I trust much more than I ever have done before, both in big things and little."

Jane Duncan Rogers
author, Gifted by Grief

Your healing process dramatically reduced my anxiety, improved all of my family relationships and helped my child to better enjoy her life.

“You have no idea how you have positively impacted my life. I am so grateful. I feel so blessed."

Dianik P.

...the fears are gone, and I now feel confident to move forward in my business and life!

"After only working with Abby for two sessions, I noticed a significant decrease in my fears and worries that I have had most of my life. No matter what I tried to do to clear it, I still would get triggered. The fears had kept me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do, and I would sometimes wake up panicking at 3 am. Not any more, it's like the fears are gone, and I now feel confident to move forward in my business and life. If you are feeling stuck, and fears are keeping you from moving forward, I would highly recommend Abby to get you going and feel ready to take on the world."

Nancy Walsch

27 years of hair pulling and now it's over. I'm not a self abuser anymore. THANK YOU Abby Rohrer!!!

"I started pulling my eyelashes at age 9. Some years after that, I started to pull from the crown of my head. For several years during and after law school, I added eyebrows because you know, wouldn't want them to feel left out!

"Hair pulling brought me into healing. Every time over the years when I've done major healing work, I've moved down through the layers and my pulling pattern has shifted dramatically. As with all things once healed, it's almost impossible to remember the details. But I know the eyebrows resolved first. It's been a few years since I stopped pulling from the crown, can't even say when for sure. And now I've realized the eyelashes are here to stay also.

"I'm 36 now - 27 years of pulling and now it's over.This is WAY secondary to the effects of all this healing on my actual life, but damn does it feel good to put on mascara and live life with the eyes God gave me.

Kate Demerest 

I have completely rid myself of a shopping compulsion that was doing damage to my credit cards and primary relationship!

"I have learned so much in your Karma Healing Mastery course and the results have been amazing. I am now able to clear a lot of "junk" that has been holding me back from being my best. Your impact has been so freeing - I can hardly wait for your next offering!

Lynn Banis, Ph.D.

In working with Abby, I uncovered and resolved many wounds from my past and have resolved my compulsive hair pulling, as well as my long-time anxiety."

LIz Fisher

The world needs to hear about what you're doing for people!"

"Solving the hair pulling problem solved other problems too: for me, less anger, more control of my reactions to things, greater awareness of my own intuition of things that other people are communicating."

"Solving the hair pulling problem solved other problems too: for me, less anger, more control of my reactions to things, greater awareness of my own intuition of things that other people are communicating.

"Thanks, Abby, for cracking the code on this!"

Perry Marshall


Abby is a highly intuitive healer and coach and not afraid to confront the issues at hand.

"I was working with a partner and didn’t feel like this person was really contributing to the project. I felt they thought I would do all the heavy lifting and she would just show up and present without any of the responsibility. Obviously I was at my wits end and had already decided I wouldn’t work with her on any other workshops.

"Amazingly, Abby suggested clearing the negative energy - which she did. She also felt the other person felt resentment toward me. We talked  through the best way to resolve the problem. After meeting with my partner to discuss the tension, she came right out and told me she resented me because she felt like I had not found as many contributing sponsors for another project we were working on. I explained that I had contributed my technical and business skills which were of equal value. She had not considered that at all. That floored me.

"Thanks to Abby’s incredible skills, instead of being shocked, I was prepared to handle the conversation. We ended up at a very good place and continue to work together."

Katherine Hartvickson
Quantum Ascendance

These are the results I have gotten from working with Abby Rohrer:

"Abby helped me to find the core of my hair pulling and heal it.

"My nearly-debilitating panic attacks are virtually gone.

"My boss changed his negative attitude toward me immediately after Abby helped me to uncover and acknowledge some feelings i had toward him.

"At the same time I resolved my feelings about my boss, the disagreements my husband and I had been having about money drastically changed for the better.

"I was having excruciating back pain that wouldn't go away even following medical treatment and physical therapy. Abby helped me to uncover the core of this problem which stemmed from years of unresolved feelings.  My back pain is now completely gone!"

Liz Fisher